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Uptime Institute’s Accredited Sustainability Advisor course provides fundamentals and practical knowledge of sustainability concepts, industry trends, and regulations to enable development of a comprehensive world-class data center sustainability program.

This course is designed for data center sustainability executives, IT and facility engineers responsible for sustainability and analyst and others interested in understanding what consititutes a data center sustainability strategy.

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Accredited Sustainability Advisor Program Overview

Público-alvo do programa

  • Data Center Sustainability Executives
  • Gestores do Datacenter
  • IT and Facility Engineers
  • Industry Analysts

Objetivos do programa

  • Actively reduce your organization's Carbon Emissions through evolved sustainability practices that reduce energy usage of IT and data center facilities.
  • Gain the ability to develop an effective data center sustainability strategy through an understanding of the concepts and actions required.

Pré-requisitos do programa

  • A minimum of 24 months of experience in data center operations, critical facility design, or energy management is recommended.
  • Contact [email protected] if you have questions about this program

Accredited Sustainability Advisor Quick Links

Accredited Sustainability Advisor Curriculum

Physical: Two full days of instruction and exercises culminating in a proctored examination on the third day.

Remote/Online: Four half days of instruction and exercises culminating in a proctored examination on the fifth day.

Consulte a Programação para mais informações de datas e locais.

As Sessões e Tópicos são os seguintes:

Session 1—Sustainability Policy and Management
  • The Seven Elements of a Sustainability Strategy
  • Regulation and Standards
Session 2—Regulatory Requirements
  • Measurements and Reporting
  • Enforcement and Financial Disclosures
Session 3—Facility Siting, Design, and Certification
  • Efficiency Requirements
  • Sustainability Design Decisions
Session 4—Facility Energy Consumption and Efficiency
  • Energy Management Program Planning
  • Data Collection and Measurement
Session 5—IT Energy Consumption and Efficiency
  • Operational Metrics
  • Power Management Approaches
Session 6—Renewable Energy Purchasing and Consumption
  • Green Energy Procurement Options
  • Renewable Energy Constraints
Session 7—Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions
  • Greenhouse Gas Sources and Scopes
  • Emissions Reduction Challenges
Session 8—Water Consumption and Efficiency
  • Design Impacts on Optimization
  • Availability and Minimization
Session 9—Circular Economy, Recycle, and Reuse
  • End-of-Life Product Disposal
  • IT Product and Energy Reuse
Session 10—Information Reporting
  • Performance and Accomplishments Areas
  • Internal and External Communication Types
Session 11—Sustainability Strategy in the Organization
  • Guiding Principles
  • Business Commitment and Payback

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Over ten thousand graduates from over 100 countries around the world have looked to Uptime Institute to help them grow their business and advance their careers.

Quem pode se beneficiar deste curso?

This course is designed for three primary groups:
  1. Senior level data center decision makers and sustainability owners
  2. IT and Facility Engineers responsible for sustainability in their organization or business unit
  3. Industry Analysts and others interested in understanding what constitutes a data center sustainability strategy

O que devo esperar do curso?

This course is designed to help students achieve an understanding of the concepts and actions required for designing and implementing an effective data center sustainability program

Graduates will learn the skills needed to evolve sustainability practices to reduce carbon emissions by reducing energy usage of IT and data center facilities - the leading cause of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Where Can I See A List of Accredited Sustainability Advisor Graduates?

Graduates of the Accredited Sustainability Advisor program have an option to be listed on our public graduate roster.  Being listed on the public roster provides graduates an opportunity to share their accomplishment and connect with new colleagues and potential clients in digital infrastructure industry.

You can view the Accredited Sustainability Advisor roster here: View Roster

Por que escolher o Uptime Institute?

O Uptime Institute instruiu mais de 10.000 profissionais em mais de 100 países. As the leader in data center education, Uptime Institute issues accreditations that verify a thorough understanding of data center design, operations and sustainabilitity best practices.  Accredited Sustainability Advisors help companies develop and execute on world-class data center sustainability programs. 

Uptime has been advising operators of digital infrastructure on sustainability and efficiency since 2007, the year of the first Uptime Institute Green Data Center forum. Through our Sustainability Consulting Services and related offerings, Uptime advises some of the world’s largest digital infrastructure owners and operators, many vendors and equipment manufacturers, and regulators and policymakers to help the sector better design, build and operate digital infrastructure sustainably.

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