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Management and Operations Services

Year after year, data center industry research finds the number one cause of digital infrastructure downtime is caused by human error. Poor operational practices are five times more likely to negatively impact availability than any other cause.

Over the last 25 years, Uptime Institute has issued over 2800 awards for data center design and operations programs to some of the largest data centers in the world, spanning 114 countries. Our team of global consultants have the expertise and experience to evaluate and provide actionable recommendations to dramatically improve your management and operations protocols.

Our management and operations offerings reduce the risk of outages at your site caused by human error, establish consistency in your operations programs across your global data center portfolio, and can decrease your operations costs by lowering your data center insurance premiums.

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Management and Operations Stamp of Approval

Our Management and Operations (M&O) Stamp of Approval Program is a holistic assessment of staffing and organization practices, maintenance and operations activities and management and planning protocols in your facility to ensure that they are aligned with business objectives of risk reduction, reduced downtime and operational efficiency.

Customers of our M&O Stamp of Approval Program are able to quickly identify and address the #1 cause of  unplanned downtime, human error.  Our assessment provides them with validation of their existing programs, recommendations on program improvements and an industry-recognized third-party assessment they can use to showcase operational excellence with their internal and external stakeholders.

Avaliação de risco de datacenter

Quer você esteja considerando a aquisição de uma instalação de datacenter independente, uma fusão com outra organização com um portfólio de datacenter existente ou uma consolidação de ativos próprios de datacenter, nossa avaliação de risco do datacenter pode ajudar a reduzir o risco associado ao gerenciamento de ativos de capital tão grandes. 

Aproveitamos décadas de experiência, observando milhares de instalações em todo o mundo para ajudá-lo a examinar o projeto e as operações do datacenter. Our team will help you identify risks, diagnose issues, appraise strategic value, and determine "most likely" Tier rating.


Recognizing the growing regulatory requirement and the adoption of more complex hybrid IT infrastructures by the FSI community, Uptime Institute has introduced the SCIRA-FSI assessment to help financial sector organizations assess the operational resilience of their critical infrastructure across enterprise-owned data centers, multi-tenant data center service providers, cloud, IT, and managed service providers.

Uptime Institute brought together over 20 premier financial institutions from across the world to form its Program Design Partners and build a standardized approach to help the sector better assess and mitigate outages.

FMO Advisory Services

Uptime Institute’s FMO Advisory Services provide a strategic approach to balance the data center objectives of availability, cost, and performance in your day-to-day operations. In interactive, on-site workshops, Uptime Institute consultants offer the hands-on guidance you need to develop, implement, and refine a rigorous facility management program to govern the successful long-term operation of your data center. 

Whereas many of our Management and Operations Services are designed to assess existing programs, our FMO Advisory Services are typically used by those looking to design new M&O programs using industry best-practices and Uptime Institute's decades of experience reviewing thousands of management and operations programs around the world.

Serviços de consultoria DCIM

O comprador médio de DCIM passa mais de seis meses avaliando fornecedores em potencial e, depois, mais 6 a 12 meses implementando a solução escolhida. 

Uptime Institute's DCIM Consulting Service helps data center executives understand the DCIM vendor landscape, choose the right solution to meet their needs, then implement that solution on time and within budget.

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