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For over a decade, Uptime Institute has been a leader in helping organizations become more environmentally sustainable by reducing the environmental impact of their IT infrastructure and operations.

Today, the environmental sustainability of data center operations has come into focus as a key concern across the industry. Regulators, customers, partners, and investors all are asking for assurances – and increasingly evidence – to show that the digital infrastructure we all rely upon is being designed and operated in a sustainable way.

Regulatory bodies worldwide have passed more than 1.900 pieces of climate-related regulation to date, and many more are on the way. These pieces of legislation, combined with hundreds of industry standards and customer mandates, are driving a clear message.

Organizations need to act now to implement programs that can deliver meaningful contributions to the reduction of greenhouse gases, efficient use of power and water resources, implementation of equipment recycling initiatives and lower their overall impact on the environment.

Call us today to see how we can help you manage the environmental impact of your digital infrastructure, while preserving its reliability and resiliency.


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Looking for the Executive Advisory Report Series?

As part of Uptime's ongoing – and expanding – efforts to inform, guide and support sustainability efforts within the digital infrastructure sector, we published a multi-part series on digital infrastructure sustainability best practices called Digital Infrastructure Sustainability – A Manager’s Guide.

This series serves as a critical resource data center owners and operators can use to establish and implement an effective sustainability strategy.


Learn about our Sustainability Services Offerings

Uptime Institute Education

Today's global economy requires deep expertise and skill in digital infrastructure sustainability, and demand will only continue to grow.

Our Accredited Sustainability Advisor (ASA) course delivers the fundamental knowledge of sustainability concepts, industry trends, and regulations as well as the practical skills you need to develop and implement a comprehensive world-class data center sustainability program.

Sustainability Strategy Gap Analysis

The environmental sustainability of data center operations has become a major concern for investor, customer, regulatory, legislative, and environmental stakeholders.

Our Sustainability Strategy Gap Analysis was developed to review and compare an organization's current sustainability data, metrics, and goals against global best practices.

Sustainability Consulting Services

Uptime Institute sustainability experts have advised the largest digital infrastructure owners and operators, the most advanced vendors and equipment manufacturers and the leading policy makers and regulators to design, build, operate and optimize sustainable digital infrastructure around the world.

Our sustainability consulting services provide a means to tap into our team's expertise to help accelerate your sustainability initiatives.  

Associação do Uptime Institute

Uptime Institute Membership is the premiere community of end-user professionals responsible for the development, management, and operation of sustainable and resilient data center infrastructure and systems.

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