Accredited Operations Professional Course

As part of our commitment to continued education and growth, Uptime Institute is now offering the Accredited Operations Professional course. Este curso é desenvolvido, fornecido e mantido pelos Serviços Profissionais do Uptime Institute.

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Horas de Desenvolvimento Profissional:

This course is of a technical nature that may qualify for your countries Professional Development Hours (PDHs) requirements. Dependendo do seu estado de critérios de registro, este curriculum pode se qualificar para até 14 PDHs. (Pode não ser aplicável em todos os países)

Accredited Operations Professional Information:

This course will provide next level instruction to Accredited Operations Specialists and Accredited Tier Specialists on advanced site and portfolio-level governance and management concepts.

The benefits of the Uptime Institute’s Accredited Operations Professional endorsement are:

  • Stand out
    • Rise above 10.000+ Accredited Alumni by taking the next step
  • Save Time and Money
    • Implement IT resiliency into management plans to improve effectiveness and save costs
  • Stay ahead
    • Business objectives are becoming complex in mixed IT environments, use the skills from this course to meet them
  • Aprimorar habilidades e qualificações
    • Horas de Desenvolvimento Profissional (PDH), conforme apropriado (Consulte PDH para mais informações)

This course is open to graduates of the Accredited Operations Specialist or Accredited Tier Specialist programs.

The course is 5-days, live remote instructor-led, of intensive instruction and hands-on exercises that cover the advanced concepts of critical facility management. The curriculum covers data center and portfolio operations and culminates in an examination. For individuals that pass the examination, Uptime Institute will award an Accredited Operations Professional endorsement. O curso é administrado pelo Corpo Docente com experiência de campo na aplicação prática dos critérios de Tiers, Operational Sustainability e Selo de aprovação M&O no mundo todo.

Accredited Operations Professional represents neither license nor permission to deliver a) Tier Certifications of designs, b) Tier Certifications of constructed environments, or c) Operational Sustainability ratings or Certifications.

For further information, please contact +1 206.783.0511 or

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