Webinar: A necessidade estratégica do foco operacional no datacenter

Presentation Title:
A necessidade estratégica do foco operacional no datacenter

Rich Van Loo, Vice President, Facilities Management Services
Scott Good, Senior Consultant

Even the best designed, fully commissioned and fault tolerant data centers can and will fail, if operational processes and procedures are not well documented and closely followed. In addition, the complexity of today’s data center infrastructure and control systems make facilities operations increasingly difficult to execute flawlessly. To provide error-free facilities operations, there are many critical infrastructure activities that need to be executed, day in and day out. And, due to complexity, preventable operational errors continue to be the predominant source of data center facilities outages.

This webinar will discuss critical facilities operations areas for focus along with lessons learned from hundreds of M&O (management and operations) reviews conducted around the globe.

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